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Things to know...

Volunteer Requirements

As a volunteer, you will work with children and youth ages 0-18 under the supervision of our staff member/s. There is a mandatory volunteer orientation that will be scheduled with you after you complete the registration form. The orientation will cover Children 1st Community Development Service’s policies and to sign up for a volunteer account to sign up for events. You must complete a background check to qualify as a volunteer. The background check consist of creating an account with Fieldprint and getting a fingerprint completed. At the fingerprint appointment, a payment of $51.50 is due. Once your background comes back approved, you will receive an email, welcoming you to the Children 1st Volunteer Team! 

Volunteer Opportunities 

Each year we put out a calendar of events. A meeting will be held before each event to discuss each of the volunteer roles. Once you are approved as a volunteer, you will have a member log in. This is how you will be able to sign up for events as a volunteer. 

Some examples of events where volunteers are needed:

-Foster parent trainings at our local office,

~Summer camp activities,

-Field trips to:

     ~ Space Museum,

     ~ Six Flags,

     ~ College tours,

     ~ Skating rink,

     ~ Movie day at the local theater,

     ~ Parks, etc.

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